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A tube linear amp rack cabinet needing refurb. New Project! Just what I need!

This was donated to me by a member of the radio club I attend, NZART Branch 02.

I was shown a single, token photo and told it was a cabinet with “transformers and stuff” inside and accepted it, figuring I could get some trafos and chokes (as though I need them -_-) and scrap the cab but it turned out to be a ‘working’, supposedly 400W linear amp. The ‘documentation’ suggests it can be used from 80 to 10 metres.

I’ve been advised to test thoroughly and clean it very well before attempting to power it up, but that it should be in mostly working condition. I don’t really know what I’m doing but it looks simple enough to tackle methodically and with care. 1500volt B+ probably isn’t ideal for a noob’s first foray into hollow-state, but I’ll get a better idea of the trouble I’m in over the next few days when I bring the individual racks into the house to photograph them. Should be fun.